Sunday morning talking heads

Trump’s been on a long hiatus from the Sunday shows, well timed to spare him from tough interviews down the home stretch of the campaign, but he’s back today as president-elect. He’ll be on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss his cabinet nominations, give us a sneak preview of this week’s season finale of “The Apprentice: State Department,” and dump on the U.S. intelligence community for suggesting that Russia tried to help him win the election. Is it a good idea for an incoming president to publicly undermine his own intel bureau, especially when he’s already facing a potential “brain drain”? Expect Chris Wallace to ask. Also appearing this morning: Reince Priebus, who’ll be on “This Week” and “Meet the Press” to be grilled on whether it’s true that he’s freezing some Trump loyalists out of White House jobs. Is he trying to limit Corey Lewandowski’s influence over Trump by keeping his allies out of the administration? Are he and Steve Bannon locked in an establishment/populist power struggle for control of policy? Tune in and gauge for yourself exactly how unconvincing Reince’s denials are.

Possibly the two most important interviews this morning apart from Trump’s involve Senate Republicans who are poles apart on foreign policy. Rand Paul will be on “This Week” while John McCain will appear on “Face the Nation.” If it’s true that Exxon CEO and Putin chum Rex Tillerson is the favorite for Secretary of State, McCain will matter a lot to the confirmation process. Is Maverick okay with someone who’s soft on Russia leading the State Department, especially after Friday’s CIA leak? (Here’s a clue from his former right-hand man, Mark Salter.) Is Paul okay with Tillerson as a more dovish alternative to Bolton and Giuliani, whom he vowed to oppose? If so, how does Paul feel about Trump’s fondness for retired generals in key natsec positions? Does he support Gen. Mattis at Defense and Gen. Kelly at DHS or is he considering voting with Democrats? With a 52/48 Senate, every defection counts.

If none of that grabs you, Joe Biden will be on “State of the Union” telling old yarns about the Senate or whatever. The full line-up is at the AP.

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