Sunday morning talking heads

Trump surrogates aplenty on today’s Sunday shows, but none more important than Mike Pence. He’ll be on “This Week” to talk cabinet appointments, his apparent recent conversion to leftism, and just how far Trump is willing to go to protect his new friends in Taiwan. Also on “This Week”: David Petraeus, who I assume is appearing this morning to campaign publicly for the Secretary of State job, no doubt knowing that Trump pays close attention to “the shows.” Will he become the first cabinet appointee in U.S. history to have to inform his parole officer upon being confirmed for the job? And, er, would he be confirmed for the job?

Elsewhere this morning, Kellyanne Conway will be on “State of the Union” and “Fox News Sunday” to revisit the unpleasantness in Cambridge this week and Newt Gingrich will appear on “Face the Nation,” probably to roll out some lame new jokes about Romney speaking French at fancy restaurants. Also appearing on “Face the Nation” will be Reince Priebus, who may have the newsiest interview of the day. Reince, after all, seems to be the biggest Taiwan advocate in Trump’s inner circle. He was probably a driving force in the phone call with Taiwan’s president, so if anyone on the team will have some insight into policy repercussions next year, it’s likely him.

If none of that grabs you and you’d rather wallow in Democratic misery, Nancy Pelosi will be on “Face the Nation” to discuss her recent elevation to House Minority For Life and Jill Stein will be on “Fox News Sunday” to celebrate the political grift of the century. The full line-up is at the AP.