Newt Gingrich can't stop mocking Romney for "sucking up" to Trump

I’m torn here between thinking (a) a little mockery is well deserved given how far Romney’s reversed himself in hopes of working for Trump and (b) we could power the country for the next 50 years if only we could somehow harness the infinite butthurt that Gingrich seems to feel towards Mitt. It’s bottomless. It’s a nuclear reactor of whining. Skip to 4:05 of the clip below and sit back as Gingrich rambles through a series of increasingly stupid criticisms of Romney’s dinner with Trump. They ate at a fancy restaurant! (Which Trump chose, I’m sure.) Romney probably spoke French fluently to the waiter! (Shouldn’t a professor like Gingrich appreciate that?) I’ll bet Romney thinks Trump is his best friend now! (Doubtful, but Gingrich may just be projecting.) What did Romney ever do to this guy, apart from getting more votes than him in 2012, to deserve this? After the way Romney attacked Trump this past spring, this is how you would expect Trump to feel about him, not Gingrich. Good lord.

I don’t even care about him taking shots at Romney. It’s the insufferable lecturing about “the elites” that’s making me queasy. When exactly did Newt discover that he was a man of the people? Was it five minutes ago or 10?

Is that what this is about? That when Romney charges something at Tiffany’s, he’s good for it? How many ass-kickin’ salt-of-the-earth MAGA-hat-wearers decamp to the local Tiffany’s after the Trump rally lets out? For cripes sake, enjoy your politically connected intellectual rich-guy lifestyle, Newt, but stop wagging your finger at Romney and everyone else about being overly “elite.” Especially on a day when not one but two Goldman Sachs moneybags are in line for top Trump administration jobs. The only thing more ridiculous than Gingrich harrumphing about elites at the beginning of this clip is him segueing instantly from there into fulsome praise for Steve Mnuchin.

As much as I dislike the thought of Romney working for Trump, I think it needs to happen now just to watch Newt have to wrestle publicly with the reality that Mitt farking Romney is higher up in the Trump administration than he is. He toadied for Trump tirelessly, month after month, on Fox News and on the campaign trail; Romney toadied for two hours at a dinner and may end up in charge of the State department. Maybe that’s Mitt’s real sin. He’s a far more efficient toady.

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