Sunday morning talking heads

What better way to start “Secretary of State Decision Week” than with Mitt Romney critic Kellyanne Conway on the Sunday shows? She’ll be on “Meet the Press,” “This Week,” and “State of the Union” this morning to knife Mitt repeatedly for disloyalty, as she did on Thanksgiving morning. One theory of why Conway went after Romney publicly is that she knew it would gin up opposition to him on social media among hardcore Trumpers, and that Trump himself would notice that. Figuring out clever ways to manipulate their boss is a stock in trade of Trump advisors: Paul Manafort supposedly feigned a broken plane this summer to keep Trump meeting with Mike Pence before he made his VP pick, and Reince Priebus reportedly lied to Trump last week in hopes of getting him to cancel his interview with the New York Times by falsely claiming that the paper had changed the terms of the meeting at the last second. Now Conway’s attacking a shortlister for State on her Twitter account to try to steer the president-elect in her preferred direction. Sounds like a healthy way to run an administration.

Reince, who reportedly likes the idea of Romney at State, will be on “Fox News Sunday” himself this morning to field questions about whether Team Trump really wants a groveling apology from Mitt before offering him the job. Hopefully his answer won’t differ too much from Conway’s. If Romney drama doesn’t interest you, though, there’s always Democratic drama: Bernie Sanders will be on “This Week” and “State of the Union” to kick the political corpse of Hillary Clinton while Rep. Tim Ryan, Nancy Pelosi’s challenger for House minority leader, will be on “Meet the Press” and “Fox News Sunday” to lament how out of touch she, and the wider party, are from blue-collar America. The full line-up is at the AP.