Video: Hillary Clinton's final ad features Hillary Clinton, curiously

Didn’t we just get through a week of re-learning the lesson that the worst thing you can do to Hillary Clinton politically is to put her in a spotlight? This ad would have worked much better if one of the Obamas had delivered the lines instead, with Hillary sitting off to the side nodding and occasionally mouthing the word “right.”

Her whole campaign has been devoted to the idea that Trump is unfit for office, but she doesn’t hammer that point here because you can’t go harshly negative in a “closing argument” ad. Although … Trump did, didn’t he? I suppose the point of this spot is to play off of that. It’s an understated way of drawing a “temperament” contrast with Trump, which has been one of her strongest advantages in polling all year. His final ad involved ranting about the “global special interests” who are “bleeding America dry.” Her final ad is subdued, face-to-face, and personal. They might as well have had “STABLE” flashing at the bottom of the screen. They may also be nodding at the data that shows her voters on balance are casting a vote “for” her rather than “against” Trump whereas most of Trump’s voters are casting a vote against her more so than a vote for him. That being so, a low-key “adult in the room” pitch like this might be the best of both worlds. For people who dislike her, it humanizes her a little. For people who like her, I guess this is the Hillary you like.

That’s the first clip. The second clip is a schmaltzy viral-video bonus I added. We shall find healing and reconciliation through the furry ones.