Video: Obama loses control of the crowd as Hillary fans shout down pro-Trump protester

A rare flash of annoyance from President Spock, who sounds like a high-school coach on the bus trying to get the team’s attention. Can’t blame him for being short-tempered, though. It’s been a long campaign, and his legacy now rests on the ability of one of the worst retail politicians in modern American history to hold off a late charge by a guy who’d be down 10 points to Joe Biden or pretty much anyone else in the Democratic Party. With a better nominee, O would have spent his final months in office relaxing in the White House. Instead he’s out on the trail every day trying to drag dead-weight Hillary over the finish line. In fact, this clip is a microcosm of his problem with his most loyal supporters right now. He’s making the pitch. But too many aren’t listening.

Speaking of long campaigns, we’re really going with “devil worship” as our closing argument against the left, huh? Podesta apparently didn’t attend the “spirit cooking dinner, incidentally, and the host claims it was actually just a reward for donors to a Kickstarter campaign. But maybe the “occult” talking point will tip the balance in Pennsylvania.

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