Project Veritas, part three: Illegal coordination between the Clinton campaign and outside groups?

Sure looks like it. James O’Keefe takes you through the basics of illegal campaign coordination in the clip. Do note that Bob Creamer himself seems to understand that something untoward is being admitted when he tells the undercover investigator that Hillary is all-in on the sub-moronic “Donald ducks” idea — and then quickly urges him not to mention that elsewhere. Also note: This isn’t the first time recently that the Clinton campaign has been accused of coordination. A complaint has already been filed against them with the FEC alleging that they’re cooperating illegally with David Brock’s outfit Correct The Record. There are also questions regarding their relationship with the Clinton Super PAC Priorities USA. (Trump’s campaign has been accused of improprieties too.) The Intercept looks ahead to the highly politicized likely outcome of all of this:

Nevertheless, both Republicans and Democrats are acting rationally if their primary objective is to win the presidential election rather than follow the law. If its prior actions are any guide, the FEC is unlikely to vote on the Campaign Legal Center’s complaints until long after the election is over; it will then probably deadlock 3-3, taking no action; and if it does take action and issue fines, the penalties will likely be minuscule and easily handled by each party’s biggest, billionaire donors.

You think the three Democrats on the FEC or a Justice Department that already let her skate on mishandling classified information will crack down on Clinton once she’s president? The likely best-case scenario here is that some underling like Christina Reynolds takes the fall while President Hillary pleads complete, blissful ignorance, as always.

Before you click, prepare yourself mentally for the spectacle of paid political professionals talking at length, with great passion and in minute detail, about the logistics of sending idiots to Donald Trump events dressed as Donald Duck. This idea, a pun based on the name of a Disney character, was worth the attention of some of America’s most elite Democratic operatives, including Hillary Clinton herself.