Joe Biden: I wish Trump and I were in high school so I could beat his ass for those "Access Hollywood" comments

A haunting reminder after a long week and a much longer campaign that, as weird as 2016 has been, it could have gotten really weird if Biden had challenged Hillary in the primary and won. It’s also a reminder of how much better he is as a communicator than Clinton, although in this case that’s partly a matter of circumstance. Hillary can’t get too indignant with Trump about the tape or the sexual-assault accusations because she knows the comeback that’s waiting for her: What about Juanita Broaddrick? So those attacks on Trump get farmed out to Barack and Michelle Obama or other surrogates with cleaner hands — like Biden. He would have gone after Trump hammer and tongs over this if he were the Democratic nominee. Or, come to think of it, maybe he wouldn’t have. He’d be up 12-15 points by now; there’d be no need to air Trump’s dirty laundry.

Needless to say, had Trump himself threatened to beat someone up, even for a righteous reason, the media would have spent the day attacking him for “mainstreaming violence” or whatever.

In related thank-God-it’s-almost-over news, Michael Moore told Rolling Stone that Trump supporters are “legal terrorists” because they’re voting for a guy who wants to “blow up the system.” Total stories expected next week criticizing him for contributing to a “climate of hate” and demagoging peaceful voters: Zero.