Project Veritas, part two: Dem activists discuss best practices in committing voter fraud without getting caught

If you watched yesterday’s video, you already know who Scott Foval is. And if you read the news online last night, you already know he’s been fired after PV revealed his schemes to use mentally ill homeless people, among others, to inspire “anarchy” at Republican events. Whether Foval has really been “fired” or merely lateral-ed over to some other dark-arts Democratic operation, of which there seems to be an infinite amount, time will tell. It’d be mighty weird for Dems to suddenly grow a conscience about this stuff after employing him, seemingly to successful ends, for years.

The new video out this afternoon resumes with Foval but the topic this time is more immediately germane to the election: How much voter fraud is going on out there? As usual, he’s brimming with ideas, starting with using rental cars instead of buses to bring people in from out of state to vote so that prosecutors would have a harder time proving a conspiracy to commit fraud. There’s nothing concrete here about trying to stuff the ballot box next month — the DREAMer activist near the end mentions 2018 as a possibility for a scheme involving buses — but there’s also nothing suggesting any ethical qualms about these sorts of tactics, even when they’re being raised by PV’s undercover agents. The closest we get to a hard “no” is when Bob Creamer of Democracy Partners resists one voter-fraud proposal offered by PV, only to have Foval assure the investigator afterward (at 13:00) that he and Creamer discussed it and that it’s more a matter of Creamer keeping his fingerprints off of the diciest schemes. “Other people can make things happen that you don’t need to know about,” Foval claims he told Creamer. At another point, Foval describes himself as the “dark hat” to Creamer’s “white hat.” Like I say, there’s no way this guy doesn’t reemerge at some other left-wing dirty-tricks shop once the heat from these videos dies down.

Congressional Republicans will, I assume, hold hearings about all of this next year — unless they lose both majorities, in which case not a word will be breathed of them again on the Hill.

Update: Well, well. Looks like the heat just got too hot for Creamer too.