What could be better than a TV series about young Hillary Clinton wanting to be president?

To cleanse the palate. There was already a movie about this, I believe. It had a Trump character in it and everything.

The idea sounds worse than it looks if the two clips below are representative, but “not as terrible as you feared” doesn’t mean “not terrible.” It’s comedy, for one thing, not straightforward hagiography — note who young Hillary’s opponent for class president is in the second video — but it’s hagiography of a sort. The running gag, it seems, will be our heroine’s modern can-do feminism butting up constantly against early 1960s sexual politics, with all the predictable jokes that implies. The vibe reminds me a bit of “Daria,” with a smart teen girl at sea among a variety of doofuses, but Daria was ever so jaded while young Hillary is ever so earnest. Will she defeat the overbearing “Ronald Stump” for class president once he’s overheard bragging to his guy friends about his many date-rapes? Maybe not in 1964!

There should be a storyline where Hillary breaks into the principal’s office and steals the permanent records of every student in school, only to be let off scot-free because the principal wants a job with her dad or something. If they’re going to do satire, let’s really do it. Exit question via John Ziegler: Er, wasn’t young Hillary Clinton an admitted “Goldwater girl” in 1964?

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