Glenn Beck: I've considered voting for Hillary Clinton

Good lord, man. Gary Johnson is on the ballot in every state. Egg McMuffin is available as a write-in candidate. Heck, we could in theory even elect Trump and have him immediately step down upon being inaugurated for Mike Pence. Life is not so bleak that you need to do this.

He’s not going to do it, he says, but if you had “Glenn Beck contemplates voting for a Clinton” in the late-2016-election-developments pool, come collect your winnings. Just to make things a little more bleak for Glenn, here’s what his former hero Ted Cruz had to say today about whether he’s prepared to rescind his two-week-old Trump endorsement:

“I am supporting the Republican nominee because I think Hillary Clinton is an absolute disaster,” Cruz replied. “Now my differences with Donald, I have articulated at great length during the campaign and I tried with all my might” to win the nomination.

When Trump’s comments surfaced Friday, Cruz denounced them as “disturbing and inappropriate.” But it was unclear whether he was still fully behind Trump, especially after a slew of reports suggesting he could rescind his endorsement…

“This is an election unlike any other but I’ll tell you, Hillary Clinton, I think, is manifestly unfit to be president,” Cruz said when asked about the state of the presidential race. “The policies she’s advancing are the continuation of eight years of Barack Obama.”

Don’t worry, Cruz fans. The instant he assesses that sticking with Trump any longer will actually hurt his reelection chances in 2018 more than help them, he’ll flip again. We’re maybe one or two more Trump tapes away from that.

In lieu of an exit question, enjoy the second clip below as a bonus late-night treat.

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David Strom 8:31 AM on October 02, 2022