Video: The obligatory "Watters World in Chinatown" clip

The media is treating it as a hate crime but the greatest offense is to comedy, I think. If you’re going to play with racial stereotypes, why would you do it for gags this lame?

The next four interviews are just interviews, featuring several different viewpoints. Then Watters’ true colors start to shine as he uses an elderly woman who appears not to speak English. Rather than leaving that interview out, we get Madeline Kahn from “Young Frankenstein” shouting, “Speak! Speak! Why won’t you speak?” Americans do sometimes think the key to overcoming language barriers is to talk more loudly, but I don’t think that’s the joke Watters was going for there.

Next up, it’s another person who seems to be a non-English speaker. Watters uses this man to interject some cricket sounds before asking if it’s the Year of the Dragon. Since the man still doesn’t understand him, he asks if it’s the Year of the Rabbit. Because it’s fun to say random things to people who can’t understand you.

When you’re playing to an audience with a median age of 72, I guess asking random Asian guys “Do you know karate?” gets the job done humor-wise. Imagine Megyn Kelly pondering her future knowing that her show is sandwiched between tackiness like this and the Trump Hour of Power at 10 p.m. Make room, CNN.

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