Video: The "South Park" presidential debate

Via Newsbusters, what separates “South Park” from lesser satires is that they’re not satisfied with the easy jokes on Trump, as “Saturday Night Live” inevitably will be. This is a bank shot, as you’ll see. The Trump gag is funny enough, but turning it into a riff on Hillary Clinton’s tin ear and self-defeating dependency on programmed messages is next level. Someone at the White House should play this for Obama today. No one would find it funnier than a Democrat who’s actually good at retail politics.

If you don’t watch the show regularly, the bald guy is Mr Garrison, a schoolteacher in South Park who’s become an unlikely national political phenomenon by farting out simplistic populist catchphrases as solutions to problems like immigration. (“F*** ’em all to death.”) He wins the Republican nomination, ends up with lots of orange make-up on his face, and then discovers to his horror that the enjoyable lark of campaigning might actually end with him becoming president, a job he’s obviously unqualified for. That’s really all the background you need for the clips.

The second video features some mild profanity so here’s your content warning.