Video: The Hillary Clinton "Between Two Ferns" interview

It’s early in the day for a palate cleanser but this has its moments, and not all of them at Trump’s expense. (Although plenty are at Trump’s expense. Zach Galifianakis is an outspoken liberal.) Wait for the line about Hillary’s pantsuits. This is the second time in three years that an A-list Democrat has used Galifianakis’s “Funny or Die” series to try to reach millennials. Obama was on the show in early 2014 because the White House was worried that not enough young adults were signing up for open enrollment in ObamaCare. Two years later, they’re … still worried. Hillary’s on the show now because Democrats somehow nominated the one person in their party who’d have trouble locking up the twentysomething vote even against a candidate as deeply disliked within that group as Trump is. Sitting there with a half-smile while Galifianakis makes email jokes is, I guess, the path back to young America’s heart.

It’d be fun to know which subjects were and weren’t off-limits on orders from Team Clinton. Monica jokes obviously were no-go. How about Anthony Weiner jokes? I’ve heard about six different versions on Twitter over the past few weeks that if the Clintons really did have a “kill list” of people who’ve caused problems for them, Weiner would already be in a drum buried in a parking lot somewhere. Incidentally, if she seems subdued here, it’s not just because the core conceit of “Between Two Ferns” is having a famous subject sit there while Galifianakis asks them offensive questions. This was taped nearly two weeks ago, on Friday, September 9th — the day Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia. Less than 48 hours later, she’d nearly collapse at the 9/11 event in New York.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023