Mark Cuban to Trump: I'll give $10 million to a charity of your choice -- or to you -- if I can interview you for four hours

On a day marked by aggressive political trolling, why not enjoy two masters of the form doing battle?

Trump took a swipe at Cuban in an interview this morning when asked about Cuban saying markets will tank if Trump wins the election. “You know,” said Trump, “the problem with Mark is, he’s not smart enough to understand what we’re doing… He’s a mixed-up guy.” Watch the first two minutes or so.

Cuban, who’s endorsed Clinton, was annoyed by that and decided to needle Trump over one of his favorite subjects, Trump’s real net worth. Note the offer in the fourth tweet.

Sounds like he … wants to debate Trump, in which case perhaps he should have run for president as a third-party candidate, as he once considered doing. That’s the only reason I can think of for why he’d choose four hours as the length, as it’s right around the amount of time Trump and Hillary will end up speaking in total at the debates. This makes twice this week, by the way, that billionaires have offered big bucks to charity if Trump will do their bidding: Reid Hoffman, who co-founded LinkedIn, promised $5 million to veterans’ charities if Trump releases his tax returns by October 19th, the date of the third presidential debate. I’m surprised more mega-rich liberals haven’t followed suit. It’s a costless way to bait the media into covering Trump’s opacity. How much longer before the Google guys, say, call a presser and offer $50 million to charity if Trump releases his medical records?

Come to think of it, why haven’t Trump’s rich pals, like the Mercers, called their own press conference and offered $50 million to the Clinton Foundation if Hillary releases all of her medical records? She might take them up on it. Doing favors for rich people who donate to their charity is what the Clintons are all about.

One other reason why Trump is on the receiving end of this sort of trollish charity bidding is, of course, because he’s practiced it before himself. Remember the video below from a few years ago? The WaPo reporter who’s been hounding him about his charitable donations used this morning’s Birther announcement to follow up:

Trump’s offer came with a time limit, which Fahrenthold probably knows, but go figure that a media that just got trolled is going to troll Trump back.

For more on why Cuban, who praised Trump at times earlier in the campaign, finally tilted against him in the general, see this recent interview with Bloomberg. “I made the mistake of assuming that he had to have some interest in learning and keeping up with world events.”

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