Hot new Democratic talking point: Trump is a fatty

There was no way this election would steer entirely clear of weight critiques. The only surprise is that it took until September.

Although they’re obviously trying to change the subject from Hillary’s health to his, there may be something more going on in these two clips. “Trump is chubby” might be their way of needling him to get a rise out of him, knowing that he’s enough of an alpha-male narcissist that digs at his weight will probably irritate him. And if they do, two things may happen. One: He might pick a fight with Harry Reid or David Plouffe, which will give the media something to cover besides Hillary’s health. And two: He might take a retaliatory dig at Hillary’s weight, which is thin ice for a man criticizing a woman even though her team started it first. His fans would love it, I’m sure, if he broadened his repertoire to include some “cankles” humor, but women voters won’t. And the media will seize on it as a reason to look at sexism within Trump’s “basket of deplorables,” starting with his own already sort-of-famous comments about women through the years and on down to the “Trump That Bitch” t-shirts sometimes seen at his rallies. They’re baiting him, in other words. Just like they did with the “deplorables” comment.

He should cry “body shaming!” and leave it at that.

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