Sunday morning talking heads

No Trump or Steve Bannon on this morning’s Sunday shows, as has been par for the course since he and Kellyanne Conway were brought aboard. No Hillary Clinton either, which is lucky for her given the 8,000 or so questions she’d have to answer about the FBI’s big holiday weekend news dump. The VPs are both in action this morning, though, with Mike Pence the star guest on “Meet the Press” and Tim Kaine the lead on “This Week.” Two days ago, Kaine probably thought this segment would be the usual talking-points recitation about Trump. Now, after the FBI interview notes were released, he’s on the hook to explain, among other things, why Hillary Clinton can’t recognize classified markings, why her cybersecurity practices at State were so poor, and why Cheryl Mills was allowed to participate in her sitdown with the FBI.

Trump’s atoning for his absence, meanwhile, not just with Pence but with four other top surrogates on tap this morning, each booked to a different show so that he has the entire Sunday-morning spectrum covered. Take your pick: Conway will follow Kaine on “This Week,” Chris Christie will appear on “Face the Nation,” Rudy Giuliani will drop by “State of the Union,” and Ben Carson will be the lead on “Fox News Sunday,” where he’ll talk about Trump’s trip to Detroit this weekend to engage black voters. There are no #NeverTrumpers scheduled but Jeff Flake is awfully close to fitting that description, having said recently that Trump deserves to lose if he continues to run the campaign he’s running — while insisting that he hasn’t ruled out voting for him. He’ll be on “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union” to talk about Trump’s effect on down-ballot races and the failure of Trumpers to oust his colleague John McCain in Arizona. The full line-up is at the AP.