Funny: Rush cracks up laughing at Trump's apparent amnesty flip-flop

A classic via the Daily Rushbo. Listen below and you’ll realize immediately that he’s not laughing out of affectation. He’s honestly cracking up at the ridiculous irony that the great populist warrior who’s come to smash the Washington “globalists” has turned out to be the amnesty errand boy they’ve been dreaming of. Marco Rubio couldn’t sell amnesty to the populist right. Rush Limbaugh couldn’t sell it. But Mr Nationalism? If he says it’s okay, what cuckish RINO would dare disagree? If Rush wasn’t laughing, he’d have to cry at how little many of his own grassroots listeners seem to care about the policies they claim to support when a heroic authority figure argues to the contrary.

The only prominent Trump supporter to attack him over all of this was Coulter. But now it’s time for her to come to Jesus too:

“It mostly worries me rhetorically … I mean, what to do with the illegals already here was never really a big part of it,” she said. “We’re getting a wall. We’re definitely getting a wall. That’s the one thing we know about a Trump presidency.”

She said Trump still offers more than any of the other Republicans had.

“I don’t think it is a change in policy,” she said of Trump. “The policy is anyone who’s here illegally is here illegally, does not have the right to be here. We’ll decide whether it’s in our interest to let them stay or not. Perhaps it is in our interest to let some of them stay.”

“Perhaps it is in our interest to let some of them stay.” That’s Ann Coulter, author of “Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.” The new foreword to the next edition is going to be amazing.

As for the wall, wait until Kellyanne Conway gets around to telling Trump that that’s not real popular with the wider public either:


I’ve thought for months that the wall is one thing Trump would never backtrack on, but I thought that of mass deportation too and here we are. He’s probably boxed himself in now to the point where he really can’t retreat on that. Someone like Coulter with her own nationalist cred to protect will let Trump make a fool of her for only so long before she really lashes out (especially if it looks like he’s headed for defeat in November), although I’m curious now to see what rank-and-file Trumpers would do if he declared that the wall is a stupid idea. Frankly, if I were Chuck Schumer, I’d be happy to make a deal approving the wall in exchange for citizenship for illegals and/or slow-walking more robust enforcement mechanisms like E–Verify. I wonder what President Trump would be willing to trade in order to keep his most basic promise to his fans.

Here’s Rush, whose laughing fit begins with the thought of what Jeb Bush must be thinking now that Trump seems to have coopted his low-energy “legalization, not citizenship” amnesty plan. We don’t have to wonder what Jeb thinks, though. Jonah Goldberg posted a reminder this morning of what Bush said last month, wondering what it’ll do to the public’s already shaky faith in government if even the savior, Trump, starts breaking promises. Exit quotation: “​The tragedy of this though is that there isn’t going to be a wall built. And Mexico’s not going to pay for it. And there’s not going to be a ban on Muslims. None of that, this was all, like, a alternative universe that he created. The reality is that’s not going to happen and people are going to be deeply frustrated and the divides will grow in our country.”