Sunday morning talking heads

Big day for Team Trump as new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway makes her Sunday-show debut in her new role. Paul Manafort had acted as chief Trump surrogate on Sunday mornings over the past few months, especially with Trump limiting his own appearances increasingly to more friendly media outlets. That’s Conway’s job now. Conspicuously absent this morning is Steve Bannon, the other new hire and the guy playing Corey Lewandowski to Conway’s Manafort. Back when Paul and Corey were still both on the team, they’d often divide the Sunday shows between them and appear on different programs on the same day to get Trump’s message out. Not so today — it’s all Conway, no Bannon. Go figure that the Trump campaign doesn’t want him out there being pressed on stories like this and some of Breitbart’s greatest alt-right hits over the past two years. Instead Conway will have to answer questions about that, as well as a Media Matters piece that started making the rounds on political Twitter on Friday about some of her many attacks on Trump back when she was working for a Ted Cruz Super PAC. Of particular note: Less than four months ago she said she’d like to see Trump be transparent about his tax returns. Does she still feel that way? I’m guessing no. She’s booked on three shows this morning — “This Week,” “State of the Union,” and “Fox News Sunday.”

Interestingly, while Bannon might be absent, Reince Priebus is not. He’ll also appear on “This Week” and will serve as chief Republican surrogate on “Face the Nation.” I wonder if filling in for Bannon in this capacity will be a regular gig for Reince the rest of the way. We’ll have a better idea next week if he’s back for another multi-show turn. The full line-up is at the AP.

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