Simple question for Dem Senate candidate: Is Hillary Clinton honest?

The answer is equally simple, unless you’re a Democrat. Then it becomes very hard indeed.

The appropriate response here, if you’re barred by party loyalty from telling the truth, I suppose would be, “Well, I trust her more than I trust Trump.” Clinton’s numbers on trustworthiness are usually worse than Trump’s in polling, but only negligibly. And her favorable rating across multiple surveys, although dismal, is nearly 10 points better than his is. Trump fans have spent the past three months warning #NeverTrumpers that the choice this fall is binary and they simply must pick one, which isn’t true but is an effective argument. Hassan could borrow a page from it. Given the choice we have, she would say, there’s no contest. Some Democrats might not appreciate that type of damnation via faint praise, but they’ll get over it: Hassan is leading GOP incumbent Kelly Ayotte in both post-convention polls of New Hampshire. She’ll be a loyal vote in the Senate for our pathological liar of a president.

Here’s Hassan followed by the new video from the GOP House Oversight Committee, in case you missed John’s post last night.