Sunday morning talking heads

No Trump this morning but his top surrogates will be out in force to do damage control after a week of disastrous state polling and the new shiny-object distractions involving “Second Amendment people” and Obama founding ISIS. Mike Pence will be the lead guest on “Fox News Sunday” while Paul Manafort does his duty on “State of the Union” and Jeff Sessions drops by “This Week.” Hopefully, after the requisite spinning for Trump, they’ll get a chance to mention that the feds are reportedly interested in a new line of possible Hillary Clinton criminality. Speaking of which, Hillary isn’t scheduled to appear this morning either but various anti-Trumpers are booked, most notably Susan Collins on “Face the Nation.” Collins is the most prominent Republican officeholder to date to say she won’t vote for Trump in November. Is she willing to pronounce Trump’s candidacy doomed, or to go a step further and say that the Senate is likely lost? We’ll see.

If you’re bored with the usual Sunday morning fare, there’s always the Olympics. That’s on NBC in lieu of “Meet the Press.” The full line-up is at the AP.