Do we need to talk about the suction-cup guy climbing Trump Tower? Update: Nabbed

Some might say it’s irresponsible to reward reckless behavior with intense media coverage. But we as a party have been doing that since June 2015.

Why stop now?

The first clip, via Ace, is a livestream of the climb, which may be ending as I write this at 6:20 p.m. The guy’s just feet from a huge window that cops have removed in order to block his path. The second clip, posted yesterday, speaks for itself. Sure looks like the same guy in the still photo for the livestream clip. He says he has something very important to talk to Trump about. I’d pay cash money to watch a livestream of that.

Maybe he found the “real” birth certificate? Stay tuned.

Update: The spectacle ends happily as “Steve” is safe and in custody.

Now we wait to find out why he did it and whether Trump will agree to hear him out. I can almost hear the words: “I like your moxie, kid. Whaddaya got for me?”