Funny: Trump on BabyGate

To cleanse the palate. Let this clip be our version of the Christmas Truce, a moment when warriors on both sides of the bitter Trumpian right-wing divide put aside their differences for one blessed day and agree that when the guy’s right, he’s right. And this time, he’s most assuredly right.

That’s clip one. Clip two is also funny, although this time it’s gallows humor. Someone asks McCain how jazzed he is at the thought of President Trump commanding the United States nuclear arsenal. McCain is so taken aback at the thought that he’s palpably unable to speak for a good four seconds, before he finally pulls it together and stammers, through a clenched jaw, something about how he trusts the electorate to make a wise decision. I’ll be amazed if this guy hasn’t endorsed Hillary by Election Day. They’re old drinking buddies, after all.

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