Sunday morning talking heads

The end of convention week(s) brings most of the major players to the Sunday shows for spin and counterspin. Trump’s been passing on weekend TV for much of the past two months but he’s back today, sitting down with “This Week” to tell viewers that Hillary is a loser and her convention was sad. Hillary will be on this morning too — on “Fox News Sunday” of all places, where she’ll either accuse Trump of being a stooge for Putin or Putin of being a stooge for Trump. Tim Kaine will be the lead guest on “State of the Union” to discuss his … interesting position on taxpayer-funded abortion while Paul Manafort will bring his special mob-lawyer-ish charm to “Meet the Press.” Even Bernie Sanders gets a Sunday-show reprise today on “Face the Nation,” where he’ll be followed by Trump 2016 emcee Reince Priebus. The only man missing is Mike Pence. Maybe they’re saving him for the August ratings doldrums.

Even the undercard guests this week are newsy. Gen. John Allen, who spoke in Hillary’s favor at the convention, will follow Trump on “This Week” to answer Trump’s charge that he’s a “failed general.” And “Meet the Press” has a point/counterpoint on Putin and hacking lined up between Bond villain Julian Assange and Russian dissident Garry Kasparov. Khizr Khan, who was last seen on MSNBC on Friday night urging Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to show their patriotism by repudiating Trump, will also be a guest on “State of the Union.” The full line-up is at the AP.