Dem convention, night one: Bernie and Warren and DREAMers, oh my

It’s strange to have Bernie Sanders shunted off into night-one garbage time at the convention given his following on the left but that’s what happens when you have a bunch of political mega-stars to accommodate. You’ve got the president and vice president of the United States, a popular first lady, a former president who happens to be married to this year’s nominee, the current VP nominee, and progressive heartthrob Elizabeth Warren, who’ll be keynoting. You’re not going to bump Obama or Biden or Clinton or Kaine for Bernie, so Democrats evidently decided to make tonight “Socialist Night” at the convention with Sanders and Warren each slated to speak. Silver lining for Bernie fans, I guess: The fact that he’s appearing just 24 hours after Debbie Dunzo resigned from the DNC signifies a victory of sorts of Berniemania over the Dem establishment. It also gives Hillary a chance to set the tone for the rest of the week with the left’s two favorite senators making the case to the base for party unity against the GOP. Given past practices, Warren in particular should be loaded for bear in attacking Trump. In fact, I’d guess that she and Bernie are playing good cop/bad cop tonight. He’ll argue that the glorious people’s revolution can only continue by electing a Democrat, she’ll argue that it can only continue by defeating the forces of Republican darkness. We’ll see.

Also tonight: FLOTUS, who’ll aim for less ideological slices of the viewing audience, plus a bunch of average-joe testimony from members of the general public. The most noteworthy are the two speakers on immigration, one of them an American citizen born to illegals and the other a DREAMer herself, which I take it is a way for Team Hillary to make amends for the fact that none of the biggest names speaking this week are Latino. I’m surprised she’d want to engage on immigration right out of the chute but DREAMers are the most sympathetic class of illegal immigrant and that’s in keeping with Clinton’s overall message against Trump — he’s just too darned mean, the nuts and bolts of policy be damned.

Odds that Bernie fans chant “lock her up” on the floor, thereby destroying the Democratic narrative for the convention: 80 percent. Here’s your Twitter widget for live commentary from the Hot Air/Townhall/Red State crews.