Third-party alert: 13% prefer giant meteor strike to Clinton or Trump

A troll-poll classic from PPP to make you feel good about the state of your country this Independence Day weekend. Too bad they didn’t offer more than one extinction-event scenario, though. We all know that if “zombie apocalypse” had listened to its family and decided to run this year, it would have cracked 20 percent easy.


And you know that means. “Zombie apocalypse” would qualify for the debates.

You don’t have to say it, Trump fans. I know: “A vote for the meteor is a vote for Hillary Clinton.”


Independents are the only hope for America’s future. Meanwhile, when we look at the results by age, we find Trump still leading the prospect of mass extinction by meteor among young adults — but the meteor’s within, er, striking distance:


The other interesting bit from the crosstabs on this one are the responses when people are asked how they feel about a hypothetical “Texit,” i.e. Texas seceding from the United States a la Britain withdrawing from the European Union. I would have guessed that the numbers among Democrats would be low — you ain’t going nowhere, rebs — while the numbers for Republicans would be high. A free and independent red-state paradise in the heart of cowboy country? What’s not to like?

But I would have guessed wrong. The partisan loyalties actually run the opposite way here. For many Republicans the thought process seems to be, “Why the hell would we want to get rid of Texas?” Whereas for many Democrats it’s “GO. GO NOW.”



There’s an … interesting racial result on that question too. Texas independence isn’t a thing now, but how about 50 years from now when the state population is much more Latino?


Hopefully the United States will enjoy peaceful relations with the Republic of Aztlan for many generations to come.

Elsewhere today, in a finding that’s certainly not related in any way to the presidential election, Gallup reports that the number of American adults who say they’re “extremely proud” of their country has reached a 15-year low. Exit question: Who are the seven percent in PPP’s survey who are “not sure” when asked to choose between Clinton, Trump, and a giant meteor colliding with Earth?

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