Loretta Lynch: Our most effective response to terror is compassion, unity, and love

Via the Free Beacon, I would have said “MOABs” and/or “the Marines” but this greeting-card approach to the aftermath of a terrorist strike is truer to the spirit of our government and a better fit for future Democratic ads. “Smash the terrorist filth” is dodgy as a pitch to progressives. “It gets better” is better. Resolute anger and revenge are bestial impulses. What we need is healing.

You can watch the full presser here. At 16:30, Lynch talks about how the feds may never really know what Mateen’s prime motive was between terror and anti-gay hate. Remember, we’re less than 24 hours removed from her own agency releasing transcripts of the 911 calls in which this degenerate pledged allegiance to ISIS. Remember too that Lynch herself was forced to admit a few days ago that Mateen never said anything to cops about targeting gays specifically. I think it’s fair to draw the inference that he did given his Islamist sympathies and what his father said about him having been enraged once when he saw two men kissing in public, but it’s possible that he chose the club because he was familiar with the layout after having visited repeatedly. And yet she’s eager to give the “hate” motive that we aren’t sure about equal weight with the terror motive that we are. Even CBS’s analysts were struck by it, as you’ll see in the second clip below. Go figure that Democrats, who win overwhelmingly with gay voters, would prefer to frame this attack as a hate crime against a core constituency that’s under special threat in America than as a terror attack on the country at large by an enemy Obama hasn’t been able to destroy in two years of bombing. It’s hard to blame a liberal administration for anti-gay crime, even under the dumbest, most elastic “climate of hate” arguments, but blaming them for failing to neutralize a threat to the U.S. is all too easy. No wonder Lynch doesn’t want to talk about ISIS. Time to change the subject, Madam Attorney General.