Rick Scott: George W. Bush and Donald Trump called me with condolences about Orlando, but not Obama

I know, he’ll be in Florida Thursday and will probably see Scott then, but that didn’t stop Obama from phoning the mayor of Orlando, whom he’ll probably also meet.

Is there anything that conceivably explains this except personal pique, i.e. Obama acting like a baby because Scott’s been critical of him publicly?

From a high-speed rail system to healthcare expansion to opening ties with Cuba, the Republican governor has been a vocal and partisan opponent of the Democratic president, has repeatedly sued the administration and recently chided Obama to “be a partner” in helping Florida fight the Zika virus…

The president, who has been critical of the Republican Congress’ action on Zika funding, has not replied to Scott’s two-week-old request for emergency Zika aid.

Scott is still waiting for a reply to his request Monday to declare a state of emergency after Sunday’s massacre in Orlando.

As the magnitude of the horror in Orlando became known, Obama reached out to “my good friend,” Mayor Buddy Dyer, a Democrat, but Scott is still waiting to hear from the president.

If I were Trump, I’d be on a plane tomorrow for a photo op with Scott. Highlighting Obama’s petty jackassery is an easy way to try to get the public on Trump’s side as the five-month war of words with O begins.