Stay in your lane: The obligatory, excruciating "sportscaster lectures news anchor" clip

To cleanse the palate, Ace is right that this is close to being an “Anchorman” outtake. But it’s too dry. If it were a Champ Kind/Veronica Corningstone bit, it would have involved her saying “whammy,” not a news update about the “Space Jam” remake.

Although, now that I think about it, Champ melting down over a colleague stealing his catchphrase is actually less funny than him melting down over her stealing the most trivial bit of sports/entertainment “news” available. Well played, Gary Radnich. Important scoops about LeBron James shooting hoops with Bugs Bunny belong with the sports desk, just as they always have.

The best way to prepare you for how awkward this is, and how much heat he must be taking for it, is to note that Radnich is now spinning it as a goof:


Watch the clip and I think you’ll agree: All the best jokes are prefaced with the warning, “I’m going to say this with a smile.” Exit question: What does this affiliate do when one of the Bay Area teams wins a championship? Do they let Radnich announce it at the top of the broadcast or do they let — gulp — her break the news?

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