Ben Carson: What if we make Ted Cruz Attorney General and have him prosecute Hillary Clinton?

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but … this is a shrewd, politically savvy thing to say! It actually helps Trump. Trumpers need to heal the rift with Cruzers to come together against a common Democratic enemy and Ben Carson — Ben Carson! — has hit on a way to make that viscerally appealing to both sides.

Nothing would be funnier, by the way, than if Chris “Shinebox” Christie, presumptive AG in a Trump administration and the most conspicuous Trump toady among Republican elected officials, got rewarded for being an early adapter by watching Ted farking Cruz get the job he wants instead. But Trump would never schlong Christie that way (I think). If he did, it would have to mean that he wanted Christie for VP instead, forming a wonder-twins combo constituting the most personally obnoxious ticket in modern political history.

“I think he would be terrific on the Supreme Court, or I think he would be a terrific attorney general. Or he could be both,” Carson said. “He could be attorney general first, you know, go ahead and prosecute Hillary, and then go on the Supreme Court.”

Gibson went on to ask the former presidential candidate whom Trump should choose as his running mate.

“I wouldn’t advise him to pick me,” Carson said. “I would advise him to pick someone who really is willing and able to take a significant part of the load.”…

In the interview with Fox News Radio, Carson also said Trump should name someone with plenty of experience on “the world scene” and shouldn’t pick him because of how the “left-wing media” would react.

Also a pretty savvy assessment at the end there. Incidentally, this isn’t just any Trump surrogate spitballing ideas. Trump told the NYT earlier today that Carson will be part of his VP vetting committee. He will, at least in theory, have some say over who gets the big prizes in a Trump administration. A clue:

Mr. Trump, the Manhattan businessman, said that while he was not committed to making a more conventional political pick in the form of a seasoned politician, he was leaning in that direction.

“I’m more inclined to go with a political person,” Mr. Trump said. “I have business very much covered.”…

Despite the fact that he has said generally nice things about Mr. Kasich, the governor of a crucial battleground state, Mr. Trump said that the governor was not currently on his short list. “Not at this moment,” Mr. Trump said.

I said recently I thought it’d be Trump/Sessions and I’ll stand by that, but it depends on how sturdy animosity to Trump is among the party’s leadership. Trump obviously would prefer a VP from a key state like Ohio to one from Alabama, which will be an easy win (I think). Kasich has categorically ruled out becoming Trump’s VP in the past, but if he’s lying about that — and why wouldn’t he be? — then he’s clearly a superior pick to Sessions. Trump told CNN today that he’d be “interested” in vetting him. Even better would be Rob Portman, another Ohioan, since he has a Bush pedigree and his selection would help put the GOP establishment at ease about Trump. Portman reiterated today that he’ll support the nominee this fall so he’s at least theoretically in play. Another smart pick would be Nikki Haley, who’s not from a swing state but who’d help Trump with the inevitable Democratic attacks about racism and sexism. She also confirmed today that she’ll support Trump but said she doesn’t want to be considered for VP. Arguably the best Trump could do for vice president would be Rubio, since having two Floridians on the ticket would hypothetically improve their chances of taking that state from Hilary while also providing some outreach to Latinos. Rubio’s another one who’s said he’ll support the nominee this fall, but even with the party rapidly lining up behind Trump, I can’t believe he would ever put aside his personal disgust enough to accept a spot on the ticket, especially given the likely outcome this fall. He’s going to show he’s a good soldier for the party by backing Trump but he doesn’t want to get too close in case this whole thing goes sideways.

Here’s Trump this afternoon on CNN talking about his openness to raising the minimum wage. That’s a direct reversal of what he said at the November GOP debate, when he said high wages are already making American businesses less competitive with foreign outfits. Now that he’s nominee, expect many more lurches to the left like this one in hopes of winning some votes from Bernie Sanders’s base. (Actual quote: “I’m very different from most Republicans.”) He also admitted today that he’ll be fundraising in earnest for the general campaign even though his ability to self-fund was one of his biggest “outsider” credentials in the primary, e.g., “Trump can’t be bought by the special interests!” Who cares, though. Not my problem anymore.