Video: Blogger surprised to find new documentary about Anthony Weiner looks pretty darned good

To cleanse the palate, I’m not really surprised. How could a documentary about Weiner fail to be amazing? He was one of the country’s most colorful pols even before his little Internet “habit” was exposed. Put a guy like that on camera 24/7, amid a bizarre against-all-odds stab at returning to political glory by running for mayor of New York, and toss a new sexting scandal into the mix and you’re destined to produce one of the most engrossing political freak-show chronicles ever made. And I say that knowing that the film’s verdict on Weiner, inevitably, will be that he’s a lovable oddball who really does have the right ideas on policy and a passion for fighting for them. Best “quirky geek wins you over” flick since “Napoleon Dynamite”!

Note the scene here where they catch him rehearsing how “profoundly sorry” he is in his “serious” voice, a five-second window into Weiner’s inauthentic remorse. I wonder why he let them film that. Maybe his exhibitionism extended even to the idea of a documentary. Why not let them watch while he tried to find the perfect tone for a statement of regret? He’s got nothing to hide. Anymore.

Over/under on when he gets reelected to Congress in New York City: Five years.

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