Video: "Bad Lip Reading" makes the Democratic debates great again

To cleanse the palate, I remember the early days when these BLR clips were nothing but five minutes of inane gibberish. Now there’s an ambitious concept bit in every one. Watch out here for “Time to Act,” which is a brilliant little slice of (unintended) physical comedy. And further proof that Bernie Sanders’s vaguely dotty persona is a comic well that’ll never run dry.

His shot at the nomination is all but gone, by the way, although you’d never know it from his online fan base. His campaign berned, er, burned through $46 million in just the past month trying to revive his chances, to no avail. Does he pull the plug soon and grudgingly support Hillary or does he go on attacking her all the way to the convention, which might convince Bernie fans (especially the younger ones) to stay home this fall? The GOP needs him to go scorched earth to have a decent shot at beating her, especially if we end up with Trump. We’ll know soon.

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