Pelosi to GOP: If you thwart Trump at the convention, you'll hand us an even bigger victory in November

It’s nice of her to help him out with this soundbite. Given how much money he’s donated to Democrats over the years, it’s really the least she can do.

Sometimes when you’re watching a master troll at work, even when it’s a troll from the other party, you can only sit there and admire the craft. This is Jedi-level.

“If they reject the public will, they will really hand us a bigger victory than I’m even anticipating now, because that will be an implosion of the Republican Party,” Pelosi said at her weekly news conference Thursday.

The effect of Trump or Ted Cruz on down-ballot Republicans has been a hot topic of debate lately. Some Republicans argue the GOP billionaire would almost certainly cost Republicans control of the Senate and could even put the House in play.

So Pelosi, of course, is framing the GOP’s situation as a no-win for the party.

“Please don’t throw us into that briar patch by nominating Trump,” she should have added but, alas, didn’t. I wonder if, through sheer force of repetition, Democrats will actually be able to sway some Republican delegates by insisting that nominating Cruz, the second-place finisher, would be a bigger electoral disaster than nominating Trump. The party’s going to split after Cleveland no matter what, but the special threat of violence if Trump loses coupled with liberals screeching 24/7 on cable news that the GOP will implode if the “public will” is denied might make some delegates on the fence between Cruz and Trump tilt towards the latter. Worth a shot by the Democrats’ crack talking-points squad, no?

File this lecture about the “public will” away for when Hillary clinches the Democratic nomination via unelected superdelegates. Pelosi’s not a fan of that process but she’ll have no choice but to defend it when the time comes in order to protect Clinton’s legitimacy. Speaking of Trump and his liberal friends, here’s Glenn Beck musing on yesterday’s show that Trump might be so angry after losing in Cleveland that he’ll … actually campaign for Hillary against Cruz. Not true, I think. He’ll spend the fall doing daily interviews in which he dumps on Cruz and Hillary. That’s the way to protect his influence inside the GOP ahead of the 2018 midterms, assuming he still cares about politics after this presidential bid is over.

David Strom 7:01 PM on September 24, 2022