Too good to check: Megyn Kelly spotted incognito in Trump Tower, met by member of Trump's team; Update: Kelly meets with Trump

My god. They’ve finally kidnapped her.

No, I kid. The Twitter rumor du jour normally isn’t worth posting but this comes from an NBC reporter by way of an editor. It’s not just “random Internet guy thinks he saw something.” Over/under on when we start seeing Fox News promos for the “interview of the century”: 3 p.m. today.

“AymanM” is Ayman Mohyeldin, an MSNBC anchor and foreign correspondent for NBC News. Assuming he’s correct, this has to be more than just a “clearing the air” session, which could be done by phone. The question is, who’s Kelly there to interview?

Some people responded to Fouhy’s tweet by guessing that it’s Melania Trump, not Donald, who’s the subject, which makes sense. It’s “family week” on cable news, after all. Heidi Cruz appeared on Kelly’s show last night and did a nice job humanizing Ted. Trump himself appeared with his wife and children at the same time, opposite Kelly’s show, as part of a “family town hall” series that CNN is doing this week. (The Kasichs were on Monday and the Cruzes will be on tonight.) They did an equally nice job, Ivanka especially, of humanizing Trump. Maybe Team Trump figures it’s time to extend an olive branch to Kelly to get some equal time for Melania with Fox’s audience. Even more so than Cruz, Trump’s in a deep, deep hole among women voters. Anything he can do to make them see him in a different light is worth doing. Rapprochement with the most prominent woman anchor in news via his wife is an obvious start.

Then again, it could be a joint interview. Maybe it’s Melania plus Ivanka, or all of the children together a la CNN’s forum. Or … maybe it’s Melania and Donald himself. Kelly, I think, would prefer a one-on-one with Trump, maximum drama for the big confrontation. Trump might not be as keen on that since, as I say, he’s all about repairing his image right now and Kelly drilling down on exactly what he meant by “blood coming out of her wherever” won’t be helpful. Maybe, he figures, she’ll be less likely to give him the third degree if Melania’s sitting right there. And even if she does, having his wife by his side, willing and able to defend him, will make it easier for him to fend off Kelly’s charges of boorishness towards women. Either way, sure looks like the Trump-led boycott of Kelly’s show is over, huh? It lasted around three weeks. Good job, everyone.

Exit question: What does “incognito” mean? Are we talking sunglasses and an MSNBC cap? Or are we talking Groucho glasses and mustache?

Update: Interview of the century. Assuming, that is, that there was an interview. There’s no mention of that here:

Donald Trump and the Fox News host Megyn Kelly met at Trump Tower on Wednesday morning, a person with knowledge of the matter told CNNMoney.

The meeting was brokered by Fox News chairman Roger Ailes.

Maybe it really was an off-camera clearing of the air? Huh. CNN notes that Kelly told Variety a few weeks ago that she was just about to ask Trump for an interview when he started attacking her again. Could be that he saw that and decided it was time to make up, especially now that he’s trying to act more “presidential.”