Audio: Ted Cruz goes off on Trump -- and Chris Christie -- for 20 minutes

The man ate his Wheaties this morning. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him attack Trump in this sort of sustained way, on so many different subjects, from Trump’s whining about the delegate debacle to Roger Stone’s thuggery towards delegates to how Trump’s attacks on his wife Heidi reveal some sort of issue he has with women. At some points he practically psychoanalyzes the guy. The best part, though, comes at 11:30 when he shifts from throwing punches at Trump to feigning sympathy for Christie. “Chris Christie is a good man,” he says, “I like Chris Christie” — before dismissing him as a sycophant who’s been reduced to holding Trump’s jacket and addressing him as “Mr. Trump.” Christie’s been lying low lately, passing on campaigning with Trump even though Trump’s been right next door in New York for the past week and will be there for another. Maybe getting slapped publicly like this by Cruz will wound his pride and renew his interest in his very important jacket-carrying duties.

This clip comes from Glenn Beck’s show but he wasn’t the only talker scoring some points for Cruz today. Guess who said this.

Remember, I’m the mayor of Realville. You said, “If Trump is denied the nomination…” No, no, no, no. Trump has to win it. What do you mean, if Trump is denied? He hasn’t won it yet! If he wins it and he’s denied, then you’ve got a point. If he gets to 1,237 and they try to take it away from him, then you’ve got a real point. But he hasn’t won diddly-squat yet. He hasn’t gotten 1,237. He hasn’t won…

Now, I trust that what you’re saying is that if Trump gets to 1,237 and they take it away from him… If that happens, there’s gonna be blood. If that happens, there’s gonna be a genuine… It’s gonna make what happened in Chicago 1968 look like tiddlywinks and Romper Room. But if Trump gets to 1,150 and they don’t give it to him, he’s not being denied. The rule says 1,237, and they’re gonna do everything they can to keep him from getting there.

That’s Rush, delivering a reality check to the Trump fans in his audience on delegate-wrangling for the second consecutive day. Huh.

By the way, keep your eye on Arkansas, where Cruz’s organization and the remnants of Marco Rubio’s are teaming up to deny Trump there. If you’re playing sore-loser bingo, trying to guess the next subject of Trump’s wrath, that’s where the smart money is.