Trump backer Ben Carson to #NeverTrump radio host: If not for my kids and grandkids, I'd be right there with you

I thought BuzzFeed was overselling it when I saw their headline but listen between 12:20 and 16:00 below. The host, Krista Kafer, tells Carson flat out that she thinks Trump’s a “bad man” (his reply: “Who isn’t?”) and that she’d never hand the nuclear codes to the sort of person who mocks the disabled. The conversation meanders a bit from there but it circles back at 15:20 to whether Trump’s character should matter if he can save the country. It’s all about protecting future generations by keeping Supreme Court appointments out of Hillary’s hands, says Carson — but “if it was just me, I would be completely where Krista is.” Which is both amazing, as a highlight for the ever-expanding Carson “worst surrogate ever” reel, and nonsensical. If it’s the Supreme Court you’re worried about, why wouldn’t you go all-in for Cruz, who’s not only a much surer bet to appoint conservative justices but who’s more electable than Trump according to every national poll? For cripes sake, Trump is even trailing Hillary now when voters are asked which candidate is more likely to make America great. He can’t even beat her on his own campaign slogan.

Maybe this is a long sabotage campaign Carson is running as revenge on Trump for blowing up his polls last fall when he compared his youthful violent temper to the compulsion that child molesters feel. “Sure, Donald, I’ll endorse you. As long as I get to do lots of interviews.” It’d be a fun sideshow in Cleveland if Carson revealed that at the convention right before Cruz accepts the nomination.

Speaking of bad surrogates, who’s missing from this list?

Could he build coalitions with people who had wronged him? Could he, for example, see appointing Sen. Marco Rubio to a position in his administration?

“Yes. I like Marco Rubio. Yeah. I could,” he answered. As for a potential Rubio vice president: “There are people I have in mind in terms of vice president. I just haven’t told anybody names. … I do like Marco. I do like (John) Kasich. … I like (Scott) Walker actually in a lot of ways. I hit him very hard. … But I’ve always liked him. There are people I like, but I don’t think they like me because I have hit them hard.”

The VP names there aren’t limited to people who’ve “wronged” him (how did Kasich and Walker “wrong” Trump?), I think, and yet … there’s no Chris Christie. How come? Has Trump now lost all respect for him too? It’s comforting to know there’s one thing left that all Republicans still agree on.

Exit question via Walker, who called it “breathtaking” that Trump would name him as a potential veep after dumping all over him in Wisconsin a few weeks ago: Would Trump even get to pick his own vice president? Strange things happen at a brokered convention, my friends — and not just at the top of the ticket.

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