Sunday morning talking heads

A lame duck in his final year will take all sorts of political risks he wouldn’t have dreamed of taking earlier. Catching a ballgame with Raul Castro in Cuba. Doing the tango in Argentina while western intel agencies are scrambling to cope with a major terror threat. Sitting down with Chris Wallace for an interview. Yes, it’s O’s first appearance on “Fox News Sunday” as president, seven-plus years into his time in office. His job approval’s over 50, the GOP’s at each other’s throats instead of at his, and the left’s consumed with the Hillary/Bernie knife fight. How much flak is he realistically likely to catch from his base at this point, he must figure, for granting the “conservative” news network a presidential audience? Besides, he owes Fox. No one has worked harder to ensure a third straight Democratic term than they have by promoting Trump incessantly. I hope he uses his time this morning to congratulate them publicly for that. They deserve it.

Speaking of Trump, his new convention manager, Paul Manafort, will be on “Meet the Press” to address the next looming delegate disaster in Indiana and describe how it feels to have bested Corey Lewandowski in Trumpworld’s version of “The Hunger Games.” The full line-up is at the AP.

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