Mark Levin to #NeverTrumpers: The "Stop Trump" effort must not extend to the general election

Via Breitbart and the Right Scoop, you can grumble about this if you’re #NeverTrump but we all understand, I think, that the vast, vast majority of the party will come around to his position by November, right? Don’t get me wrong, stalwart anti-Trumpers may have the numbers to fatally damage Trump’s chances even if they’re just five percent of the electorate. But that’s probably what they’ll be — five percent, not a third of the party despite how much fun it is to ooh and ahh over numbers like that. Never underestimate the power of partisanship, especially when you’ve got a Democrat as unlikable as Hillary topping the other ticket.

And even if five percent of Republicans do end up as #NeverTrumpers, that’s not necessarily a death sentence for Trump’s campaign. Why? Because some segment of Bernie fans claim that they’re #NeverHillary:

One out of four Sanders supporters– 25 percent – say they would not back Clinton in a general election if she became the Democratic nominee for president, while just 69 percent say they would support her, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll.

By comparison, Clinton supporters are considerably more open to supporting Sanders should he overtake her large lead in delegates and win the nomination. Just 14 percent of Clinton supporters would shun him in the general election, while 79 percent would support him, the poll found.

What’s the actual number of Sanders supporters who’d sit out an election with either Trump or Cruz, both of whom will be painted by Democrats as unprecedented threats to the republic, as GOP nominee? Two percent? Remember all the Hillary fans who vowed after 2008’s bitter primary to loss to Obama that they’d never vote for him for president? How’d that work out?

Anyway, click the image to listen to a preview of what conservative media’s apt to sound like this fall if Trump seals the deal in Cleveland. Levin has endorsed Cruz and has fiercely criticized Trump over the past few months (even over the Michelle Fields incident, which is unusual in major conservative media) but he’s prepared to set that aside in the name of beating Clinton. I wonder where Glenn Beck, Trump’s most strident critic in conservative talk radio dating back to last year, is on that. If anyone’s going to carry the #NeverTrump banner to the bitter end, it’s him.


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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023