"I am so sick": Angry Hillary gonna get up in your face if these Bernie Sanders smears don't stop

To cleanse the palate, here’s our next president ably channeling the public mood of feeling thisclose to punching one’s political opponents in the face. Somehow Bernie Sanders and his fans got it in their heads that Hillary Clinton, of all people, might be guilty of influence peddling. In reality, her campaign doesn’t accept money from fossil-fuel companies. If you want to buy political favors from the Clintons, that’s what the Clinton Foundation is for. Then again, if Bernie’s not going to talk about her possibly criminal corruption in mishandling classified information, talking about more pedestrian forms of corruption is a decent consolation prize.

No worries. I’m sure we’ll nominate a popular, credible candidate with no ethical issues of his own who’ll skillfully exploit Hillary’s vulnerabilities this fall. Speaking of which, am I mistaken or is today the least Trump-y news cycle we’ve had in a long time? I keep waiting for him to say something off the wall at a rally or tweet that the Dalai Lama is a loser or whatever and give us content for the rest of the day, but he’s been low key (low energy?) so far this Thursday. Makes me wonder how conservative media will survive once he’s out of the race. That may be the best reason yet to nominate him. Sorry, Ted.