Kasich on being mathematically eliminated: "How many times can we float around the moon or something, mathematically?"

Tommy Christopher has no idea what he means here. Neither do I. I think he’s trying to say, sarcastically, that math may matter to astrophysics but it doesn’t matter to elections. Except … I’m pretty sure it does matter to elections. Like, a lot. Charitably, you could argue that he means it doesn’t matter to this election: None of the three remaining candidates will make it to Cleveland with a majority of delegates, or so Kasich assumes, which means it’ll be a jump ball on the convention floor. Except, thanks to our old friend math, that’s probably not true either. Even if Trump falls short of 1,237, he and Cruz may be the only candidates who satisfy Rule 40 by winning a majority of delegates in eight different states. And if they are, they’re going to press their delegates to make sure the rules say that no candidate who failed to satisfy Rule 40 shall be eligible for the nomination on any ballot. That means Kasich, who’s likely to finish the race having won a delegate majority in only his home state of Ohio, will be barred from consideration. Math!

As for lingering suspicions that he’s planning to back Trump eventually, which would all but guarantee that Trump hits 1,237 (assuming the delegates act in accordance with Kasich’s wishes), he assured Chris Matthews on Friday night that that’ll never, ever happen. Bookmark this link now so that, when he does eventually endorse Trump, at least we’ll have an hour of fun rubbing his face in it:

MATTHEWS: OK, last question. This may hit you as a novelty because you’ve been under pressure and you’ve been out there fighting for the presidency. But should the situation develop differently than your hopes and scenario and Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination, which looks pretty likely right, now and your party has Trump, and Hillary comes to you and says, Governor, I’d like to form a unity ticket, Republican vice president. That would be you.


MATTHEWS: OK, there you go. I guess that’s your answer, OK?

KASICH: Yes, it’s my answer. That’s not going to happen.

MATTHEWS: Suppose Trump says…

KASICH: And Trump’s not going to be the nominee, so we`ll be fine.

MATTHEWS: OK, suppose – I have to push you as you laugh. If Trump’s the nominee, would you accept a part on the ticket? Would you go on the ticket with him?

KASICH: Under no – under – under no circumstances. Zero. No chance.

No chance, huh? Read this analysis of Team Kasich’s money troubles by Red State’s streiff. Kasich started March with just $1.25 million in cash on hand; in the last two months before that, he spent an average of $3 million per month. (More trouble from mathematics!) He spent a grand total of zero dollars advertising in Arizona and Utah. (Which makes his refusal to participate with Cruz in Fox News’s since-canceled Utah debate even stranger.) Even if he got a little fundraising windfall from his big win in Ohio, he must be running on fumes at this point — and who’s going to kick in after he fails to impress tomorrow night in AZ and UT? So here’s a guy who’s not only facing being knocked out of the race by poor fundraising but who, even if he starts taking on debt to keep going, is apt to find himself locked out of a brokered convention by Rule 40. And if he drops out his delegates will become unbound, leaving him with no leverage at all over the outcome of the race. Under those circumstances, why on earth wouldn’t he go to Trump (or Cruz) soon and make a deal ensuring him the vice presidency or some other cabinet position? He’s going to fold sooner or later. Might as well cash out now and get something for it.

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