"Excuse me, I'm talking": Gasps at Dem debate when Bernie Sanders refuses to let Hillary interrupt him

From last night’s battle in Michigan, this is what passes for rudeness at a Democratic event. Meanwhile, at our debates, candidates are telling dick jokes. The way Rubio’s been going, I fully expect him to tell Trump to “shut your hole” if he interrupts him on Thursday night.

Looks like Sanders forgot the two rules of debating Hillary Clinton. Rule one: You should treat her the way you’d treat any male opponent. Rule two: You must not treat her the way you’d treat a male opponent.

Clinton allies were quick to compare the moment to infamous debate missteps by men facing Clinton on stage — Rick Lazio’s pledge from the 2000 New York Senate race and President Obama’s “you’re likable enough, Hillary” exchange from 2008. (It’s worth noting some commentators and supporters already accused Sanders of having a “likeable enough” moment against Clinton at a debate last month.) One pro-Clinton group quickly cut a video with tweets criticizing the exchange.

“There were audible groans in the press filing center” when Sanders said it, reports BuzzFeed, probably because the media realized it was suddenly in for a solid week of insufferable concern-trolling from Team Hillary about “bullying” and “mansplaining.” New York mag has a nice round-up of Twitter whining, as well as a smart rejoinder from a Bernie fan: If this exchange had gone the other way, with Sanders trying to interrupt Clinton and Clinton putting him in his place, he’d be a sexist for trying to talk over a woman and she’d be a hero for standing up for herself. Victimization is at the core of her political identity. All you’re seeing here is how hard her fans will strain to try to find new examples of it.

Anyway. Just a warm-up act for this fall’s campaign, when Trump sarcastically refers to her as “darling” at some point and we spend the following 87 days talking about nothing but that.

David Strom 4:41 PM on September 26, 2022