Video: The Kasich hug

I’m not a fan of Kasich and I can’t imagine admiring any politician so much that a hug from him might feel meaningful but this is an affecting moment from a very sympathetic voter on the trail in South Carolina today. Humanity is a precious commodity during a cutthroat national campaign. You won’t see many displays like this.

But you’ll see some. Check out the second clip below, of Hillary comforting a young girl. That’s already been turned into an ad, as has Kasich’s hug today in South Carolina, but Kasich’s spot is more of a general feelgood clip whereas Hillary’s is targeted. The little girl is the daughter of illegals and Hillary desperately needs Latino voters in Nevada to turn out and rescue her from Berniemania. Essentially, it’s a real-life version of her “Seven things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela” pander from late last year. And ultimately it’s a microcosm of the whole immigration debate. Law is fine in theory but not if it stands in the way of hugs.

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