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The adult film actress from a retracted Ted Cruz campaign ad on Friday said she does not blame the Republican presidential hopeful for pulling the spot.

Quite the contrary: Amy Lindsay said the Texas senator is still in the running for her vote.

“He is, he absolutely is,” Lindsay said when asked if she was still considering Cruz on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”

“Like I said, when I did the ad and the words that came out of my mouth … I was speaking from the heart about some of the issues that I think are true problems in this country that we as Americans are facing today,” she said of her role in the ad.


RATTNER: Mika thinks that, and I agree with her, that because this woman is doing honest work she should be allowed to be doing honest work.

BRZEZINSKI: Sam Stein, don’t you agree. I mean, it’s a real job. Don’t — Don’t judge her.

SCARBOROUGH: Everybody is talking about Christian values.

BRZEZINSKI: Maybe she was supporting her family.

SCARBOROUGH: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Maybe she’s turned over a new leaf or something like that.


SCARBOROUGH: Or maybe Ted Cruz just likes hiring porn stars. Which is it?


And Lindsay, it turns out, is no stranger to Ted Cruz. The spot for the Texas senator wasn’t just another gig, she said — she is a Cruz supporter, though some might find her politics unusual. She contains multitudes. She is pro-gay marriage, she said. She is pro-gun. She is pro-life. She voted for Ross Perot in 1992. She appears with hardcore king Ron Jeremy in a photo on her Twitter feed. And late Thursday, she was laughing about the ad imbroglio, drinking wine with her father, an open-carry advocate.

“What it comes down to is I don’t want a [expletive deleted] Clinton or Sanders in the White House,” she said. “Even though I’m a softcore actress, I’m voting conservative and Republican … I couldn’t do a Hillary Clinton commercial for all the money in the world.”

Lindsay, who had spoken to Buzzfeed and other outlets earlier in the day, said some liberal publications were trying to shame her — to use her past to take down Cruz in a way inconsistent with the values they purport to stand for.

“It’s a very interesting attack and a different kind of war on women from the left,” she said, comparing her plight to that of Donald Trump’s wife, former model Melania Trump. “… You’re the first folks to condemn me because I showed my boob on the Internet. Are you flipping kidding me?”


It’s clear that some of Ted Cruz’s supporters don’t fit the mold of what Ted Cruz wants his supporters to look like; it remains to be seen whether Amy Lindsay—and others whose lives run in contrast to the ultra-homogeneous ideals of the far right—will continue to offer that support.



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