Poll: 25% of federal employees would consider quitting if Trump becomes president

In case any Iowans are still trying to decide in the last few minutes before the caucuses begin, this ought to seal the deal for Trump.

If you want to make America great again, culling a quarter of the federal work force ain’t the worst place to start. To sweeten the pot further: It’s mostly Democratic federal workers who’d consider quitting.



Trump’s overall favorable rating among federal workers is 33/64, although that’s actually slightly better than Ted Cruz’s at 30/62. On the other hand, when asked whether each candidate’s election to the presidency would cause them to feel pride or embarrassment, Cruz did slightly better (or slightly less bad) at 21/45 than Trump did at 22/59. I’m surprised that general opinion among workers overall is basically ambivalent in a choice between Trump and Cruz. Cruz would slash government; Trump would, in theory, make it “better,” and “better” usually means bigger and more powerful. If you’re a federal employee, who’s more of a threat to your job security? Maybe partly for that reason, when Republican workers and leaners are asked who they prefer in the primary, Trump leads Cruz 32/17.

Then again, can we really trust this poll? Says Iowahawk, “I have a hard time believing there are 301 government employees who ‘lean Republican.'”

Elsewhere in Trump-related news, as we await tonight’s conservative-movement-shattering victory:

* His interest in a border wall with Mexico sometimes seems less than pure:

* Asked today by Sean Hannity about things he’s said in the past regarding health care, he sounded Alan-Grayson-esque:


On ABC’s This Week yesterday, Trump said that he doesn’t think Cruz has a heart because he’s attacking Trump on health care and all Trump wants to do is just Make Americans Great Again.

Today Trump said there are people who desperately need care and “you can’t let em die in the streets.” He clarified that he does think “Republicans have a big heart and they understand this.”

However, he did say that regarding the concept of a person dying in the street, “Some Republicans would say you cannot touch that person, let ’em die.”

Really? Which ones?

* He’s “friends” with Fox News again. Bill Bennett told CNN Money earlier today, “If Donald Trump wins this thing, it shows that you can do this without [Fox News].” Well … maybe, if you’re a master media manipulator who’s been a national celebrity for 30 years. But even then, how does a Trump win prove he did this “without” Fox? Pretty much every programming hour on FNC tilts towards Trump except for Megyn Kelly’s and Bret Baier’s shows, and Baier frequently features Trump superfan Laura Ingraham. If Trump is doing this “without” Fox, what would doing it “with” them look like?

* He made a joke that any garden-variety politician would be savaged for:


* He got re-endorsed by Sarah Palin, who repeated to Jake Tapper what she said to NBC this morning, namely that choosing Trump over Cruz wasn’t a hard decision. How come, asked Tapper? Well, she said, after she looked at Cruz’s record more closely, including his “inconsistencies” on immigration, she realized we don’t need “more of the same,” which is the sort of thing you’d expect a populist to say about Jeb Bush, not about the most ostentatiously populist Republican in the Senate. Tapper asked her whether Trump’s inconsistencies on various issues over the years, starting with abortion, also troubled her. (To really twist the knife, he should have noted Trump’s flip-flopping on amnesty specifically.) Turns out no, she’s pretty much okay with his reversals. Isn’t it interesting how Trump fans and/or Cruz-haters like Palin and Mike Huckabee find Cruz’s much longer record of ideological constancy somehow more disturbing than Trump’s all-over-the-board approach?


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