Oh yes: The "Hot Air and friends" Iowa livetweet extravaganza

Here’s our election-night Twitter widget! (Twidget?) Scroll down and I’ll explain.

The traditional election open thread from Ed is on its way, and I’ll be adding election news as I come across it throughout the evening to Headlines (which will probably be cycling faster than usual), but we thought hardcore news junkies might find this useful. If you already use Twitter, you know how it works. If you don’t, it’s simple. The Hot Air, Townhall, and Red State editorial staffs will all be on Twitter tonight along with Salem radio hosts commenting on caucus results and Republican reaction. All you have to do to follow our comments in real time is open this post up in a new tab and sit back as the widget updates automatically with fresh content as it happens. The great virtue of Twitter is that breaking news can circulate with lightning speed thanks to the “retweet” function, and anything any one of us retweets will end up right here as well. So, for instance, if the New York Times tweets at 7:30 that turnout looks historic, all I have to do to deliver that news to you is to hit the “retweet” button on my own account and the Times’s scoop will show up in the window above. Frequently you’ll get the news faster this way than you will by watching Fox News or CNN, especially when you have upwards of 20 different people searching for newsworthy material from around the Web. Just another option for your menu as we all prepare to gorge on Iowa.