Open thread: The biggest, classiest New Year's Eve thread ever

It’s so big and classy you won’t believe it, that I can tell you.

No one’s in the mood for a QOTD tonight (I hope) so here’s a thread for the HA faithful to virtually gather and drink up together, assuming you haven’t shelled out four bills for that rager the Olive Garden is throwing in Times Square. I wanted to celebrate tonight with a Trump steak and some Trump champagne, but there’s a problem. Trump Steaks no longer exists. Trump Wine does — but the company’s run by his son, Eric, not by the man himself. Maybe next NYE, after he’s been elected president, his team will start bringing more products to market. Not until we can eat real Trump food and drink real Trump booze with Trump himself in the White House will America truly have been made great again.

He’ll be on Fox News late tonight to help ring in 2016, by the way. Which is fitting: In so many ways, starting with his total domination of cable news, this was his year. I leave you with this, which sums up the Republican primary better than any campaign commercial or news interview could.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 AM on June 04, 2023