Dem Rep. Loretta Sanchez: I'd say, oh, 5-20% of Muslims support terrorism to bring about a caliphate

Via BuzzFeed, do we dare trust the same woman who condemned “multiautomatic round weapons” last week after the San Bernardino attack?

I’m thinking we do if she has some data backing her up.

“But certainly, we know that there is a small group, and we don’t know how big that is — it can be anywhere between 5 and 20%, from the people that I speak to — that Islam is their religion and who have a desire for a caliphate and to institute that in anyway possible, and in particular go after what they consider Western norms — our way of life,” Sanchez said on “PoliticKING with Larry King.”…

“They are not content enough to have their way of looking at the world, they want to put their way on everybody in the world,” she said. “And again, I don’t know how big that is, and depending on who you talk to, but they are certainly — they are willing to go to extremes. They are willing to use and they do use terrorism.”

Much depends on who “the people that I speak to” are. Is she talking about what she hears from the CIA at House briefings on intelligence or is she talking about what she hears from the checkout guy at the supermarket who’s been doing “research” on the Internet?

Or, per John McCormack, is she talking about this?


Is there any meaningful distinction between supporting terrorism to bring about a caliphate and supporting ISIS in particular? I guess you could dial in on the word “terrorism,” e.g. fighting Assad for territory is fine but flying planes into American skyscrapers is unnecessary and unacceptable. Anyone think the pro-ISIS crowd would parse things that finely?

Exit question: Trump/Sanchez 2016? Click the image to watch.