Breaking: Report of up to 20 people shot in San Bernardino; Update: Up to 14 dead; Update: Dispute at party? Update: Man and woman suspects; Update: Suspect ID'd?

No details yet beyond the number and the fact that, as best we know as of 2:30 ET, the shooter is still active. Stand by for updates.

Update: An ABC affiliate in SoCal says 1-3 shooters are being sought, but the possibility of multiple shooters is routinely mentioned early on after news like this breaks. In reality it’s almost always a single shooter.


Update: The left reaches gingerly for its narrative:

Update: Some are claiming on Twitter that 12 people are dead but no news agency has reported that yet as far as I can tell.

Update: KTTV says cops are searching a social services facility for the shooters. Quote: “Officers are currently searching for 3 white males dressed in military gear…”

Update: Maybe the almost-always-wrong claim of multiple shooters isn’t wrong this time:

Emergency workers speaking on their radio frequencies cited a witness saying there were two attackers with ski masks and vests, who arrived in a dark-colored, large SUV.

Update: If this is political, the target is a strange one:

The shooting broke out at the Inland Regional Center, which serves more than 31,000 people with developmental disabilities in San Bernardino County and neighboring Riverside County, according to the center’s “About” page on its website. It says it’s the largest of California’s regional centers, and is “a nonprofit, private community-based agency that is proud to help obtain services and support for our constituents.”

Update: The ABC affiliate is now reporting “up to 12 people” are believed to have been killed.

Update: A bomb too?

Update: This is unusual, and obviously ominous in an already horrendous situation:

Update: Hillary’s wasting no time.


Update: Is this a clue to why the community center was targeted?

Update: And here’s Obama urging that people lose their right to own a gun if the federal government mistakenly and/or haphazardly adds them to a no-fly list:

Update: Ace is touting this unconfirmed report at the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Riverside police dispatchers have broadcast a general advisory that the suspects involved in the shootings in San Bernardino may have fled in a black GMC Yukon, heading northbound on Waterman Avenue, roughly 40 minutes ago.

The broadcast indicated there were unconfirmed reports the suspects were male and of Middle Eastern origin, “armed with AK-47s and wearing body armor.”

An earlier report quoted above claimed that the suspects were white. Stay tuned.

Update: The media is very eager indeed for a full-blown, capital-n Narrative to emerge here.

Update: Presented without comment.

Update: Annnnd more lefty media covering themselves in glory.


Update: Local police are holding a press conference at a little before 5 p.m. ET. At least 14 people dead. Still no idea whodunnit. The cops do know, though, that they had “long guns,” not handguns.

Update: And Obama weighs in.

Update: That HuffPo goof on religious people is no isolated bit on Twitter this afternoon. The progressive blog hivemind has all seized on it for whatever reason, probably because comedian Anthony Jeselnik did a bit about “thoughts and prayers” in his new comedy special for Netflix. McMorris is dead right in what he says here, too: The point of Jeselnik’s joke was that some people will mindlessly say “thoughts and prayers” after a disaster not because they’re sincerely praying but because they want to signal their own virtue to others. Which is exactly what Yglesias et al. are doing here within their own progressive circle.

Update: A reader passes along a tip from a police friend that the car they’re looking for is a black SUV with Utah plates. We’ll see.

Update: Reports are coming in at 6:15 ET that local police are in pursuit of at least one suspect. According to readers who are listening to the police scanner (which is usually a bad idea, as lots of mistaken information tends to get relayed that way), one suspect is already in custody in a parking lot. The cops are set to give a press conference soon.

Update: The SUV is neutralized.

Update: This sounds like an awfully professional hit. They were well armed, they seemed to know where they going, and they apparently got in and out pretty quickly.


Multiple gunmen — three, according to most witnesses — pulled up in a dark sport utility vehicle at the complex of buildings occupied by Inland Regional Services, a service center for people with disabilities, spent “several minutes” shooting inside one of the buildings, and then apparently fled, said Jarrod Burguan, San Bernardino police chief. He alluded to reports that the men may have worn masks and body armor.

“They came prepared to do what they did, as if they were on a mission,” said the San Bernardino police chief.

Update: As of 7 p.m. ET, one suspect is down but at least one more is barricaded inside someone’s home.

Update: What on earth can this mean?

According to a federal law enforcement official, authorities believe that one man angrily left the event that county employees were holding Wednesday morning at the Inland Regional Center.

The man, they believe, returned with “one or two” others and opened fire.

The “event” was a banquet being hosted by the San Bernardino County Public Health Department. One of the suspects was at the banquet, left, and came back with one or two accomplices all decked out at a moment’s notice for a professional attack? Huh?

Update: This would explain one of the suspects being at the banquet before the shooting started.

In that case, though, why shoot up the place? Why not focus on the one target? They were obviously after several people, not just one.

Update: Ace knows why sneering at “thoughts and prayers” is suddenly the meme du jour among bien-pensants: “while the rightwing can only offer ‘thoughts and prayers’ in response to a mass shooting, leftwing politicians offer action.” Follow the link to see how many of these hivemind jackholes have rotely offered “thoughts and prayers” themselves after other disasters.


Update: The LA Times is building out its “one suspect was at the banquet” tidbit. This makes no sense at all:

A dispute at a holiday gathering may have sparked a mass shooting in San Bernardino that left 14 people dead and 17 others wounded on Wednesday morning, federal law enforcement officials said…

A senior federal official who is monitoring the case said investigators believe one of the shooters left the party after getting into an argument and returned with one or two armed companions. 

How could this shooting, involving multiple people, possibly have been spontaneous? The only way I can square it is if the ringleader planned the attack in advance and then went to the banquet to confront the target(s) and maybe give them “one last chance” to address whatever his grievance was. Maybe the target refused, which set the plan in motion.

Update: Friends on Twitter are asking re: my theory in the last update how a guy with a grievance against someone at the Public Health Department could have possibly recruited other people to join him in mass murder. One obvious answer would be if the shooters were all family members. If the family at large had a grievance, members might have acted together. And the grievance would probably involve the department at large, not just one employee. Very hard to understand why they’d shoot people indiscriminately if it was a personal dispute.

Update: An unusual attack gets even more unusual: According to the police chief, of the two suspects dead at the scene outside the SUV, one is a man and the other is a woman. There might be a third accomplice — the cops saw someone running away from the scene and now have him in custody — but it’s not clear yet if he was involved.

The chief also says it’s not clear if the person who left the banquet is the same man who showed up later and started shooting.


Update: For what it’s worth, TMZ also has a police source telling them that the gunman got into a dispute at the banquet and then came back with “buddies.”

Update: A foreign-sounding name is being kicked around as a possible suspect on social media. Is it accurate?

Update: Unbelievable. JournoList lives.

Update: Here’s the foreign-sounding name that’s been floating around. NBC is now confirming that he’s a suspect.

The name of the woman suspect is also floating around but I haven’t seen that confirmed yet.

Update: NBC thinks it knows who the third suspect is. “[A] knowledgeable source said another member of the trio is believed to be Farook’s brother.”

Update: As far as the “Saeed = jihad” theory goes, if he was out to kill random Americans, this was a weird place to do it, no? He probably could have gotten an even bigger death toll by walking into a movie theater or a crowded restaurant and opening fire there. Seems like he had something specific in mind.

Update: Here’s a California state employee webpage for a Syed R. Farook, who was employed as an environmental health specialist for the San Bernardino government in 2013. It’d be some coincidence if that’s not the shooter but no one’s confirmed that it is, so reserve judgment. If Saeed worked for the health department, though, that could cut either way. Obviously it creates the possibility of a “workplace violence, not jihad” scenario. But it could also explain why he might have targeted the banquet even if jihad was his motive. He had access to a big crowd of people in a confined space; he probably knew the layout well; and they trusted him enough to let down their guard around him.


Update: Farook Saeed’s father spoke to the Daily News.

“I haven’t heard anything. He worked in a county office,” Farook’s dad told The News. “He’s married and has a kid. We’re estranged because my wife got the divorce, and they are together. She doesn’t want to see me.”

Farook said he hasn’t seen his son in some time.

“He was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He’s Muslim.”

Update: It’s getting late but I’ll leave you with this curious detail from the LA Times: Apparently, Saeed recently returned from paternity leave.

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