Obama: What a "powerful rebuke" it will be to ISIS to hold a climate-change summit in Paris

Via the Free Beacon, conservatives on Twitter started buzzing about this as soon as he said it.

Asked Guy Benson, “Is he saying the climate conference is the rebuke to terrorists, or unbowed world leaders gathering in Paris?” The answer is both, right? Partly this is stiff-upper-lip stuff of the sort you always hear from a head of state after a major attack. “We refuse to be terrorized by terror, we will carry on as we always did,” etc. They had a conference planned, and no scumbag jihadi is going to intimidate them out of holding it. Fine.

But yeah, of course the subject of the conference gives this extra resonance to Obama. The international political class thinks climate change is the policy problem of this generation. The future of humanity supposedly hangs in the balance. What better way to rebuke apocalyptic barbarians than by meeting to stave off the “real” apocalypse? Remember, on the left it’s conventional wisdom that climate change helped instigate the Syrian civil war: A sustained drought created social unrest that provided the kindling and then the Arab Spring struck the match. But for global warming, there might not be an ISIS. (But for Obama pulling out U.S. troops from Iraq in 2011 in time for his reelection campaign, there might not be an ISIS either. Some root causes are easier to discuss than others.) That’s probably what O’s thinking here — that the conference, in part, is about preventing the rise of future ISISes. And yet the fact remains that you’ve got a group of world leaders coming to a western city that’s been hit twice this year by major terror attacks to talk about something other than those attacks at a moment when westerners are increasingly worried about ISIS and assimilation of Muslim immigrants. It’d be like holding a world summit in lower Manhattan in late September 2001 to talk about trade policy. Important issue. Not top priority.

But it’s pointless to complain. Sometime between election night 2012 and summer 2014, this guy entered DGAF mode and he hasn’t looked back. Lay off him about his priorities or he’ll remind you again of what a terrible American you are.