Mizzou professor who called for "muscle" against reporters ... "felt aggressed upon"

“Felt aggressed upon” isn’t Melissa Click’s wording, it’s how a Mizzou administrator who spoke to her afterward about what happened characterized her feelings. Even so, it’s a superb Orwellian turn of phrase and true to the spirit of “safe space” fascism. “Aggression” can mean almost anything — actual violence, angry speech, or even refusing to move when some strutting sensitivity capo tells you to haul your ass out of her sight before she calls over some guys to remove you forcibly.

Your country is finished. You know that, right?

The University of Missouri student who filmed assistant professor Melissa Click call for “muscle” to eject him from a protest site on campus says he has filed a complaint with police alleging simple assault…

[Mark] Schierbecker said he met with Click at her office on Tuesday, but that he found her apology “lacking.” He said that he’s made further attempts to contact Click to speak to her about his grievances with her, but she has refused to engage him.

“I am just left with the feeling that she doesn’t care,” Schierbecker told USA TODAY…

“She said she felt threatened by (Schierbecker),” [associate journalism school dean Esther] Thorson said in an interview. “I asked, ‘Did you push him?’ She said that she didn’t remember, that she thought she held up her hand. She said she felt that she and the students were being aggressed upon.”

If you somehow haven’t seen Schierbecker’s video yet, click here and skip to 7:00 for his confrontation with Click. However you want to define “aggression,” she’s the one being aggressive, not him. She yells at him to leave, grabs the camera, calls for “muscle,” covers the lens with her hand, then mocks him as the mob gathers around him and “walks” him away from the scene. Schierbecker doesn’t so much as raise his voice. His “aggression” is refusing to leave a public space after demonstrators set up tents and decided their right not to be approached trumped everyone else’s right to be there. His double-plus-ungood “aggression” was in refusing to obey the mob. The scene is a farce of the Marxist dynamic driving campus political correctness that Jonathan Chait wrote about a few days ago. The utopians, supposedly so upset at the callousness of their governors, slide effortlessly into more brazen abuses in the name of enforcing the new order as soon as they get a taste of authority. They’re the purest scumbags. Resist them at every turn.

Via RCP, here’s the vice president of Mizzou’s student body parroting the same point about aggression as Click. “Several members of the media were pushy,” she says, “a little bit to the point of aggressive while trying to approach us.” Really? Were they actually aggressive or merely double-plus-ungood “aggressive” in not leaving when she insisted? I’ll leave you with this quote as you try to figure that out: “I personally am tired of hearing that First Amendment rights protect students when they are creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment for myself and for other students here.”

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